Wealth Management: the combination of thoughtful planning & personalized asset management

We believe that planning is the cornerstone of successful client relationships and is essential to understanding your goals and helping you take control of your financial future. Because of that, every new relationship with our firm begins with Planning and Consulting. While a majority of our clients may need our Investment Management services, all relationships will begin with a planning and consulting relationship.

At Northwest Capital Financial Group, LLC, we see you, your life, and the way you should invest from a unique perspective. Where you want to go in life – and managing the risks that can hamper your progress – is what really matters.




  • Organize Your Financial Records
  • Evaluate Gaps in Planning
  • Calculate & Establish Emergency Reserves
  • Prepare Debt Elimination Plan
  • Analyze Cash Flow
  • Determine Savings/Investment Priorities
  • Annual Web Conference to Stay on Track

Generally, Targeted planning is most appropriate for clients under age 35 and/or with less than $500,000 in investable assets.



All Targeted services plus...

  • Detailed Goal Planning
    • Retirement, Education, plus Life, Health and Long-term Care Insurance Planning
  • Robust, Secure Wealth Management Portal
  • Annual In-Person Planning Meeting

Generally, Foundational planning is most appropriate for clients under age 50 and/or with less than $1,000,000 in investable assets.



All Foundational services plus...

  • Detailed Cash Flow & Retirement Income Planning
  • Multi-generational Family Planning
  • Estate Distribution Strategies
  • Charitable Giving Opportunities/Strategies
  • Plan Coordination with Other Professionals

Generally, Comprehensive planning is most appropriate for clients over age 50 and/or with greater than $1,000,000 in investable assets.

Our Planning & Consulting fees can be paid via ACH or credit card. Additionally, Investment Management clients may choose to have this fee converted to a percentage of assets under management and deducted quarterly from their investment account(s). For example, a household with $500,000 in assets under management with our firm and using our Foundational planning services may choose to have an annualized 0.37% (($155 x 12)/500,000) charged to their investments along with their Investment Management fee versus paying the Planning & Consulting fee separately.



  • Review and analyze existing accounts
  • Evaluate risk tolerance, risk budget and risk target
  • Establish accounts with custodians and initiate funding
  • Monthly portfolio manager evaluation process
  • Systematically rebalance portfolios
  • Monitor and manage portfolio tax liability
  • Ongoing review to ensure portfolio is aligned to goal(s)


First $250,000:               0.90% annually; charged quarterly

Next $250,000:               0.65% annually; charged quarterly

Next $500,000:               0.50% annually; charged quarterly

Additional Assets:          0.25% annually; charged quarterly